Mays Landing Vol. Fire Company, Station 18-1

Reliance Hose Co. #1 Est. 1907
6081 Reliance Avenue, Mays Landing NJ 08330
609-625-1628 Emergency Dial 911


1894 Hope Fire Company
First fire department in Mays Landing. Their equipment consisted of a hand pumper, hose and buckets.

March 21st - Hamilton Township Committee met in various taverns and homes in the area, on this day the Township Committee met in Veals Opera House on Main Street.
March 28th - Hamilton Township Committee met in Library Hall. The Township rented Library Hall for meetings in the amount of $36 per year. This money was given to the Hope Fire Company.
This same year the Township negotiated and paid the fire company $1 and accepted the deed and real estate for the property which Library Hall was located.

Hope Fire Company had been disbanded.
July 3rd - First meeting and formation of Reliance Hose Co. No. 1.
President William Weir, Vice President Charles Makepeace, Secretary Lewis C Cramer, Treasurer Harrison Wilson,
Chief Emanuel C Shaner, Foreman George Kraemer, Assistant Foreman Daniel Marshalee.
Members included Dr. Charles Saulsberry, Rev. Theodore McCormick, Enoch Johnson, William M. Taylor, Dorie D Hoover, Harry Jenkins, William Ripley Sr., Roy E Beach, Arthur G Cramer, John Pratt, Martin Ingersoll, Charles E. Remmey, Elva Kendall, Albert C Abbot, Dominick Myers, Henry Stowe, James Barrett, Otto Pack, Ira Smith, Thomas W Barrett, Winfield Estelow and William McClure.
The company had 3 substations; Sugar Hill, Main Street & Mill Street and the County building on Main Street. The majority of men came from the Hope Fire Company
The fire company along with the Township realized the need to have water close by to extinguish the fires and both agreed to start locating "fire plugs" in the town. This coincided with the dedication of the new Water Company building located on Farragut Avenue. Insurance rates on homes and businesses decreased with the fire plugs

September 11th - Reliance Hose Company No. 1 was incorporated. At this time the fire company was still located in Library Hall.

January 5th - Company purchased hose cart and 250 feet of hose.
June 6th - Company's first motorized piece of equipment: 40 HP Garford Chemical Wagon, 35mph top speed. Hopefully this piece of equipment would provide fire protection for dwellings within a 5 mile radius of Mays Landing. Around this time an additional group was formed called the Everready Hook and Ladder Company.

Lewis W. Cramer became Chief.

Roy E. Beach became Chief.

Walter A. Mahnke became Chief.
May 19th - Company took delivery of a new Ford Chemical Wagon.

April - Company took delivery of a new 1922 GMC Hale Pumper.

George T. Yetter became Chief.


Moved into firehouse on Cape May Avenue.

John Newcomb rebuilt a 1927 Buick and equipped the piece with two 50 gallon chemical tanks.


April 5th - Carl Luderitz (16), Ralph Luderitz (17), Alfred Ingersoll (19) and Bill Hoover (27) lost their lives fighting an out of control forest fire in Mullica Township.

Company took delivery of a Great Eastern Pumper.

Diamond "T" was purchased.

Charles Voigt Jr. - Killed by a fall while fighting a fire.

1964 James R. Hoover became Chief.

Company purchased a 1966 Ford Pumper

Paul Taylor became Chief.

Mack C. Harris became Chief.

John R. Houck became Chief.

September - Moved into our current fire house. The bell displayed in our entrance way was part of the alarm system used by the Hope Fire Company in 1895.
GMC 1000 GPM Pumper (former 1816) was bought by the Fire Department.

E-One Pumper (former 1812) and Mobile Cascade Unit (former 1817)were purchased by the Township of Hamilton.

Michael Errickson became Chief.
E-One 110' Aerial Ladder (1815) was purchased by the Township of Hamilton.

E-One 1500 GPM Pumper (1813) was purchased by the Township of Hamilton.

Ford F-450 Mobile Cascade Unit (1817) was purchased by the Township of Hamilton.

James Morris Jr. became Chief.

Michael Errickson became Chief.

4-Guys 1500 GPM Tanker/Pumper (1819) was purchased by the Township of Hamilton.

Eustace Eggie 3rd became Chief.

Robert J. Valasek became Chief.

Pierce Enforcer 1500 GPM Pumper (1812) was purchased by the Township of Hamilton.

July 7th, 2007 - Mays Landing Fire Department celebrates it's 100th anniversary
David Connelly became Chief.